Saturday, 27 October 2012

Man Gets Romney Tattoo!

I knew it had to happen eventually... and it sure did! 

Someone decided to ink a Romney Tattoo on their face! He got a cool $15,000 for it too. So I guess technically he's become a campaign advert.

An Indiana man named Eric Hartsburg auctioned on Ebay a space of his face to be tattooed, supposedly he even rejected the highest bidder, because it was too 'lewd'. Luckily he's a republican, so he was happy to be paid $15,000 to have the R from Romney's logo applied to his face.

Has this professional wrestler learnt anything from this experience? nope! he's off auctioning another part of his face! 

I guess if Romney loses he can pretend it's just R for Republican, but it'll still be the mark of a loser forever on his face.

original story - [ABC news]

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