Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween - creepy and disturbing tattoos

Well it's Halloween today, so here's a selection of creepy tattoos

tell me which one you think is the worst

Not only does just the thought of getting an eye tattoo creep me out, but this guy is actually on trial for attempted murder. Avoid him.

full story here ( : [link]

That kind of skin you just want to stroke...

This Joker is amazing, I love the colouring, those teeth are going gnaw apart your flesh when you're not looking

Pretty good, makes me think of some sort of evil Ent, I'm not sure if his nipples ruin the effect or imply horrible gross moles...  either way he can keep his shirt on.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Bioshock - Part 1

Bioshock is a fairly successful series, and thanks to that there are a lot of
rather good Bioshock tattoos.

Before the new Bioshock Infinite 'sequel' comes out lets look at some good old 
Rapture Tattoos.

This one is pretty damn awesome, the detail and colouring is Impressive.

'cute' sort of


Part 2 is coming soon (next monday?), until then enjoy the 3 more under the jump

Part 2 is HERE

Part 3 is HERE

Part 4 is HERE

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Man Gets Romney Tattoo!

I knew it had to happen eventually... and it sure did! 

Someone decided to ink a Romney Tattoo on their face! He got a cool $15,000 for it too. So I guess technically he's become a campaign advert.

An Indiana man named Eric Hartsburg auctioned on Ebay a space of his face to be tattooed, supposedly he even rejected the highest bidder, because it was too 'lewd'. Luckily he's a republican, so he was happy to be paid $15,000 to have the R from Romney's logo applied to his face.

Has this professional wrestler learnt anything from this experience? nope! he's off auctioning another part of his face! 

I guess if Romney loses he can pretend it's just R for Republican, but it'll still be the mark of a loser forever on his face.

original story - [ABC news]

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Romney Tattoos

The USA presidential elections are looming, and it's looking pretty tight between Romney and Obama.
I thought as I've already done a selection of Obama tattoos [link], to try to find some of Romney.

I'm having quite some trouble finding any, in fact new Obama tattoos kept popping up, before I'd found anything Romney related.

Oh wait I didn't find anything.

If you know of any Romney related Tattoos let me know!

Here's a G.W. Bush Tattoo instead. Remember him?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Banksy Wall Tattoo

I've seen Banksy Tattoos before but normally they're just of the stencilled silhouette, this one 
however includes the wall! 

Here's the version of the graffiti (the original?) I presume this is based off :

The wall is a bit more bleak than in the tattoo, but I still think it's a rather good Tattoo.

Although I used to make stencils as a hobby so I may be biased.