Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween - creepy and disturbing tattoos

Well it's Halloween today, so here's a selection of creepy tattoos

tell me which one you think is the worst

Not only does just the thought of getting an eye tattoo creep me out, but this guy is actually on trial for attempted murder. Avoid him.

full story here ( : [link]

That kind of skin you just want to stroke...

This Joker is amazing, I love the colouring, those teeth are going gnaw apart your flesh when you're not looking

Pretty good, makes me think of some sort of evil Ent, I'm not sure if his nipples ruin the effect or imply horrible gross moles...  either way he can keep his shirt on.

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Very menacing, It's on a guy's neck, so this tattoo ends up with rather weird 'hair' that doesn't quite match, tattoo might not be quite as menacing under normal light with no tinting...  still good though.

and now for the creepiest of the lot. IT WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS HWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

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