Monday, 28 May 2012


The new Ridley Scott film hasn't come out, and no one's been crazy enough to
get a preemptive tattoo. So instead we're going classical.

Prometheus was a titan, and the brother of Atlas, Who stole fire from the Gods
and gave it to humankind.

As punishment, humans were given the first woman (Pandora), and Prometheus was
chained to a rock, to forever have his liver eaten by an eagle, as each day the liver 
would regrow. Well he was chained up until of course Heracles (Hercules) saved him.

The giving of fire, inspired all of human technology, so ancient greeks would most
likely blame Prometheus for iPads and the like. And most definitely blame him for 
tattoo guns, creating this rather nice depiction.

This version is my favourite, mainly because of the stylishness of the piece. You can see similar
work by the same artist here: [source]

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The size of the eagle does seem to vary quite a bit between these.

I wonder how long I'll have to wait to do a Ridley Scott prometheus blog post.

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