Saturday, 19 May 2012

Diablo III

As the third Diablo is coming out, here are all the related tattoos to the
franchise that I could find


First of all, a tribute to the people that made the game Blizzard,
responsible for the Warcraft series too of course.

here's something from the first Diablo game, designed from artwork
from the manual.   [source]

Here's an in progress of a Tyrael tattoo

here it is finished  [source]

More tattoos after the jump, including some actual Diablo III ones...
I have a feeling they got the tattoos before they even got the game...
I hope they liked it when they tried it this week.

I am suspicious that that this isn't a tattoo, but if it is, the red fade does
look pretty cool 

more Tyrael

and another [source]

This is from all the way from 2010, this guy must have been waiting
pretty hard.

I have to say I didn't recognise this, even through I have played Diablo II.
This is Mephisto [source]

It'll be interesting to see if more tattoos pop up now the new game is out
I'll keep a look out.

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  1. I intend to get tattoo of entire Angiris Council. Still working on what would be the best images for the 3 non-prominent members and also on how to squeeze all 5 of them on the space available on my back. :)