Saturday, 14 May 2011

Social Sites

The problem with internet sites is you never know if they'll be around in a few years

these guys will probably feel quite stupid in the far future

Jeez, It's only twitter, you don't have to be so desperate... 
I suppose you could pretend to non twits that you're just an avid
bird watcher

 flickr youtube and facebook transferable tats, that have a useful space to write in the name of your account...  
I still don't understand why though

*facepalm*  this is T-pain by the way

I wonder how popular this was on reddit

Ah tumblr, I spose I should get a simmilar tat, it might remind me to
do some blogging more often. 

Actually no fuck that.

and obviously don't forget this classic and misguided Myspace tattoo

Extra Facebook pic after the jump  (possibly NSFW?)

yeh... I don't understand why, but I'm guessing plenty of people will be 'poking' his
facebook from now on


  1. who will regret this in a years time? not me!

  2. the 'follow me tatt' is actually a pair of tights! they're sold on etsy!