Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Quick post, here are some Inception Inspired Tattoos 

I do like the quote, not sure what the rest of the tattoo's about.

EDIT: a poker chip and a die, are Eame's and Arthur's totems )

I want a dreaming box thing...

3 more after the jump

probably the most important part to the film, pretty meaningless to anyone that
hasn't seen the film.

Supposedly this is Inception inspired, I think it may be the music.

It's always fucking late ....  =[

I'll do some more movie inspired tat posts, any movies you like to see
me look into?


  1. Star wars tats, surely there are some of those around?

  2. avatar tattoos would be cool to see

  3. (owner of the first one)
    The rest of the tattoo is a poker chip and a die, Eames and Arthur's totems.

  4. Ah! of course, I feel foolish now!